Rocanotherworld is a Music, art & gastronomy festival, born in 2016 to celebrate the life and spirit of Ioan Dan Niculescu, also known as ‘Roca’.

A designer, a traveler, a foodie, a dog-lover, and a changer of hearts.

Roca coordinated Klaus Iohannis’s online campaign for presidency. He founded Argo, an awarded design agency in Iași, Romania. He made Thailand famous in Romania. He created Doamne Ferește, the first Romanian hot sauce brand. He saved hundreds of stray dogs. He influenced and changed the lives of friends and random people, with only a few words and a big warm hug.

Unfortunately, he passed away on 2nd of June 2016 in a car crash, only 37 years old.

I learned from the sunset that it's important to leave a beautiful color after you've shined.

Ioan Dan Niculescu at TEDx Chisinau 2015

be curious

Step outside your comfort zone. Discover new ideas, new points of view, new unfamiliar territories.

be different

Express your true self for three days, without caring about what others think or say. Turn from a passive watcher into a creator and a giver.

be for others

Let people fully dedicate to others for three full days, and prove that we can be good, warm, and empathetic.

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Entrance only based on the bracelet. You decide which type: the free one or the one designed for those who support our cause.

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Our causes for this year are HALA FiX (biggest independent Romanian theater), and a fund to support local artists’ initiatives.

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Iași, Romania is the city of romance, poetry and linden trees.  There will be 2 locations combining both the nature and urban landscape — the Copou hill ski slope and Genesis Open Air Art Gallery near Hala FiX.